The Thought Police 2018-09-14T06:03:29+00:00

There is a new cancer in America. The new Nazis, the THOUGHT POLICE, These people are the ones that want to edit what people say. I you have a different opinion than they do on a topic, they don’t debate. They get angry.

That is a huge problem, because America is all about friendly discussion. Individuals who are mad at you because you have a different opinion, are; weak,insecure, angry, close minded, ignorant, and dangerous. We live in very challenging times, and this is nothing less than a civil war in America, right now.

If I decide to wear a Sombrero, some morons will say that I am mis-appropriating Latino culture. Its just the opposite. I love Latino music, art, food, culture, etc.

The anti-American cancer has great incubators. Our schools and Universities are loaded with teachers and professors who use their positions to spew out radical and un-realistic ideas. Our kids, our college students, are being brain washed by looney, mental individuals, who do not appreciate our flag, and our constitution; and all the amazing things that make America such a great and wonderful country.

These people preach tolerance and respect, and supposedly care about the poor, and unfortunate. However, when they demonstrate, they destroy, mom and pop stores, and small businesses. They attack people who don’t agree with them, violently. They are just as bad as the white supremacists, gangs, and criminal organizations, who plague America.

A SOLUTION: Hold back funding of Universities who brain wash students, investigate all educational institutions, and examine what is being taught. Keep exposing who the leaders are of theses new groups of anti American values, and put them in the light of the media.