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I hope the following info, will convince you to join STAR UNIVERSE; in reaching a massive amount of followers to promote unilateral disarmament, and immediate de-commissioning of all the remaining nuclear power plants, anywhere on the planet!

First, lets establish the fact that nuclear power plants are really expensive, extremely dangerous, and inefficient.  Lets explore the 2 most dangerous nuclear power plant disasters; Chernobyl, and Fukishima; as well as America’s most dangerous nuclear disaster, 3 Mile Island.

Chernobyl, in Ukraine, had a sudden surge of power, during a reactor test, which destroyed reactor 4. The accident, and the fire that followed, release massive amounts of radiation in to the atmosphere.

A flawed design, and inadequately trained personnel, caused a nuclear explosion, which the steam killed 2 people immediately.  Tens of thousands more died.

The Russians sent thousands of military, and vollunteers to the site, telling them they were safe, to g o in.  IT ONLY TAKES 20,000 YEARS, for the nuclear material to become non-lethal!

All efforts failed, as the nuclear poison traveled to Europe, and other countries.  Finally, the Russians decided to build a massive steel dome.  The other steel dome have been blown off, with the explosion!

Every nuclear power plant is a nuclear disaster waiting to happen.  Lets take Fukishima, in Japan.  The not so smart Japanese scientists and politicians, built a nuclear power plant, on the water, where massive SUNAMIS, AND CYCLONES, HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.

The giant Sunami, breached the reactor, nuclear material started pouring into the ocean, and its still poisoning the waters.  Nuclear material has traveled across the Pacific.

The Japanese have built a research facility, near the site, where they are trying to build robots to go in and deal with the radioactive material, its still leaking.  Experts say a million Japanese exposed, will be dying an early death.

Now lets review the worst nuclear power plant disaster in America, 3 Mile Island.

At 4am on March 28, 1979, the worst nuclear power plant disaster in the U.S., to place.  A pressure valve did not close in one of the reactors.  The stafff shut down the reactor, but misread the info.

The core of the reactor heated up to 4000 degrees.  1000 more degrees, and a full melt down, would have killed millions of people.  An act of God allowed the reactor to cool, after staff flooded the reactor with water.

The governor of New Jersey advised pregnant women and pre-schoolers to evacuate. 100,000 people heard about it and immediately evacuated as well.

It takes 6 years to de-commission a nuclear power plant.  Its expensive, and it does nothing about the fact the nuclear material will be deadly for 20,000 years!

Many countries are involved in de-commssioning.  The U.S. is loaded with these deadly plants.  LETS UNITE AND ALERT THE WORLD THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW.


There are 10,100 nuclear weapons ready to roll around the world. Thats enough to destroy planet earth 1000 times.  STAR UNIVERSE TV WILL BE DISTRIBUTED ON TV AROUND THE WORLD.  Join our movement, and lets neutralize these nuclear time bombs.

Unlilateral disarmament, is a tall order pollitically.  If you want your kids and family to be safe from nuclear insanity, join us, and lets come up with solutions.

Thanks for reviewing this critical emergency.  People have gotten used to accepting nuclear lunacy, and living with it.

I live in Las Vegas.  Yucca Mountain is a ridiculous place President Trump, and other people who don’t live here, want to store massive amounts of nuclear waste here.  No one here wants it here, and Yucca Mountain is also on an earthquake fault!